Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop

1 day course

This workshop is aimed at individuals who want to broaden their understanding of substance abuse and its causes. It is also suitable for people who want to work in health and social care, rehabilitation or counselling roles.

This Drugs and Alcohol workshop will give you the knowledge to recognise substances that are misused and their effects including legal highs, illegal drugs and alcohol. During the course learners will learn about the most common types of misused drugs and be able to access placebo examples.

Learning outcomes

To give an awareness of

  • The most commonly used drugs
  • What different drugs look like?
  • What the law is
  • Why people take drugs/alcohol
  • The effects of drugs/alcohol
  • Safer caring responsibilities
  • How to help

From £400 (inclusive of tax)

Price based on class of 12 students (discounts are available for smaller groups)

To book this course, find out more or discuss your requirements please call on:

 07904 272606

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Recent reviews

Knowledgable, welcoming and helpful

Rated 5 out of 5
July 15, 2019

Mick has provided First Aid and Men Who Foster Training for our organisation.
The carers described him as knowledgable, welcoming and helped to put them at ease.
The men said they had a fun evening whilst thinking about how to keep themselves safe. Nothing to do with the Chinese apparently !!
Thank you Mick

Wendy Spears

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To book a course, find out more or discuss your requirements please call on:

 07904 272606

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